Online event shows the latest research from vineyard to bottle

Grape growers and winemakers will be able to tap into research from the vineyard to the bottle in a free online event.

Hosted by the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre on Wednesday, October 28, the webinar will showcase its research to benefit the wine sector.

Centre director Leigh Schmidtke said the online format meant people from across the country would be able to tune in.

“The research being presented will be relevant for Australian wine regions and the online presentation means you can join in from wherever you are,” Professor Schmidtke said.

“This is an opportunity to find out about emerging technology that will help make decisions in the vineyard and the winery in the future.

“One project is developing a smartphone app to help identify and manage nutrient disorders, there’s also new techniques for assessing the levels of bunch rot contamination and measuring different forms of copper (Cu) in wine.

“People will also be able to hear about research that’s examined the correlations between the sensory properties of Australian Shiraz wines, their chemical profiles and the climatic regions from which the grapes were sourced.

“Defining a terroir influence will allow Australian fine wine producers to substantiate uniqueness claims to command premium prices in a global context — this project has shown that this is possible.”

It will feature four research projects:

● The development of a smartphone app to identify and manage nutrient deficiency in grapevines, presented by NSW DPI principal research scientist Dr Suzy Rogiers.

● Techniques for determining the levels of grey mould contamination of grapes, presented by Charles Sturt University's Professor Chris Steel.

● Measurement of different forms of Cu in wine, presented by Charles Sturt University's Dr Andrew Clark.

● Benchmarking regional and sub-regional Shiraz fine wines, presented by Charles Sturt University's Dr John Blackman and Dr Sijing Li.

The NWGIC Research Update will be held on Wednesday, October 28 from 10 am to 11.30 am and people can register at: