Nats push dams agenda

By Geoff Adams

The National Party is continuing to push the Victorian Government into considering an expansion of the Lake Buffalo dam in an attempt to create more water security.

Last week Federal Nationals leader Michael McCormack urged the government to consider an investigation into an enlargement of the dam, which could provide more water for downstream communities, including the Goulburn-Broken valley.

Speaking in Shepparton, Mr McCormack supported the push by Victorian National MPs for a dam expansion, and offered to help pay for a business case to see if the figures stacked up.

He stopped short of promising to pay for the dam, which could be in the realm of a billion dollars.

The Victorian Government said last week, new dams did not create any new water.

“We are a dam building government,” Mr McCormack said.

“I am happy to work with any government to get it done.

“I am happy to have a business case funded and happy to see plans and proposals.

“Lisa Neville (Victorian Water Minister) said it’s not going to rain, so climate change is going to stop the Victorian Government from promoting water storage infrastructure.

“I say: she’s wrong.

“Water security is crucial in this nation today.”

Mr McCormack pointed to new dam plans for NSW and Queensland.