Red Angus sale tops $10,000

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Best boy: The top price at the Red Angus sale was $10,800 for a 17-month-old Christy Fuller Diamond Angus bull.

The top price for a Red Angus bull reached $10,800 at the recent Must Be Reds sale at Barnawartha.

Vendors attended from NSW and Victoria, and seven bulls averaged $6271.

A 17-month-old bull weighing 895kg from Christy Fuller Diamond Angus sold for $10,800.

The Bolton family sold two bulls for $6800 and $9000.

North-east Victoria Red Angus breeder Don Hempel sold his bull for $5000 at only 12 months of age and also bought the top-priced bull.

Cross-bred cows with calves from Wyeromp Pty Ltd sold to $3000.

Older commercial cows with calves from Redgums Red Angus made $3600.

A standout pen of six PTIC heifers from Yuroke Red Angus sold to hot competition for $3800.

Four bulls passed in made close to their reserve and were assessed by Corcoran Parker after the sale, and will sell on AuctionsPlus on Friday, February 18.

Stocklive reported 20 new buyer registrations for the Must Be Reds sale.

The sale continues next year with its mission to provide an exchange for Red Angus in southern Australia including HB registered, purebred and crossbred Red Angus.