Farmer wants a love interest

By Geoff Adams

As far as successful matches go, it seems Farmer Wants a Wife may have dropped its batting average.

The final episode broadcast on Monday night could muster only two matches, and one of those was a stray.

The show has boasted a high percentage of successful couplings (nine marriages and 20 babies), but on the last night of this series there was one “W” word that wasn’t even mentioned: wife.

Lots of references to finding love, “being on the road to falling in love” and “I want you to be my lady”.

Host Natalie Gruzlewski avoided using the “W” word, instead referring to the “final decision”.

Even the one couple who saw through the entire series, Neil (finally lifting his dress code) and Justine, could only admit to “maybe”.

The tyranny of distance and the challenge of blending two families could be a road-block on this country highway.

Alex looked set for eternal bliss with his devoted friend, Jess. There was lots of cheerful giggling and expressions of undying love, together with a disturbing amount of carrying, but in the end she was too much of a friend and they parted ways, and he went back to his second pick, Henrietta. It was on again, off again, after Henrietta walked out but came back, and Alex rejected her.

But after a bit of extra time with Jess, the magic disappeared and Alex thought he should phone Henrietta up. Surprise!

The other surprise was Sam, who dropped out when rejected by his matches and after his grandfather died. Sam did a bit of hunting around on social media and came up with Kristen (hope they signed a contract for her) and the two admitted to finding a connection.

Harry looked like he was set up nicely with Stacey, and he was kind enough to bring her to the final reunion, but, no, nothing there. Polite kiss, friendly greeting. Awkward moment.

Nick (who seems to have found a different check shirt), chose the wedding celebrant Liz, but he decided she was too much of a friend, and not enough of a romantic partner. Seems to be a pattern developing here.

So Tasmanian Nick will be loveless unless another program picks him up.

Speaking of which, Channel 7’s network programming director says they’ll be signing up another crew for a series in 2021.

So, if the prospect of seeing 40 women competing for the affections of five farmers is not too primitive for you, stay tuned.