Bolter settles into his new home

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This little piggy thought he was going off to the market, so when he saw an opportunity to escape he took off from his carry cage.

But he was just being taken to his forever home as a birthday present for 50-year-old Kellie Payne at Strathmerton.

For an hour Kellie, her husband BJ, cousin Mark and niece June, all chased him through the paddocks until they could catch up with him and return him home.

‘Bolter’ as he is now known is three-and-a-half months old and is now much more comfortable, making friends with the baby lambs, BShorn, Beeper and Benson, and the Cavalier doggies Bearzy, Banjo and Buddy.

Proving that pigs are smarter than most animals, Bolter uses a pee pad when he's allowed into the house.

Kellie Payne said he slept in his own pen in the shed at night but loved spending time inside and acted up if he didn't get to visit at least once a day.

He loves most food but hates cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage, like most infants, and stretches out in front of the combustion heater on cold days.

He has got the older lambs bluffed, rounding them up and chasing them around the house.