Coy collie tells puparazzi to get lost

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Jack may be the first dog to run away from the Country News puparazzi with his tail between his legs. Owner Andrew Smith said the eight-month-old Border Collie hadn't seen many people since coming down from the Victorian High Country and settling into life on his Kialla West "backyard farm".

How did you get Jack?

My son got him for me as a surprise. I didn't want a dog to be honest, but he's got a collie over in Perth and he thought it would be nice for me to have a dog. I've got an old beagle inside and she's about finished and I thought after her it will be no more dogs, no more pets. Then he sent this thing to me.

Bit of a surprise!

Yes, he's from a farm in the High Country and there must have been 30 people after this puppy, but my son talked his guy around. I think he wanted it to go to a home with land quite badly.

He's not coming over to see us.

I reckon he might dip out. He is very friendly but he can be standoffish. He hasn't seen that many people.

What do you have on the property?

Some crop and a few Dorpers out the back. We don't know what we are doing training him but he half trains himself to a degree.

Have you owned working dogs before?

I haven't, but I come off a farm where I grew up with kelpies and that sort of thing, but I've always had Airedales and beagles. We were in town so they were good.

How is Jack compared to them?

He's quiet. He very rarely barks. He might bark at you, back off and keep going but that's it.

What does he like to do?

He has bonded with my wife. Today is pretty much the first time he's come out with me into the field while I'm sowing. He's been following the tractor up and down. Other than that he goes and sits at the back door.

Words and pictures: Daneka Hill